Alloy HVMC PHP Framework

Lightweight Hierarchical MVC PHP Framework

Simple, Elegant Object-Oriented Design

Practical Object-Oriented design that isn't overly strict, needlessly complex, or focused on trying to be like Java. PHP the way it was meant to be.

REST-Centered Architecture

REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a core part of Module architecture, and is built-in and accounted for from the beginning, not bolted-on as an afterthought.

Easy to Understand - Less "Magic"

Less "magic" and more explicitness translates to increased simplicity and flexibility. Code flow is easier to follow, understand, and manipulate.

No Configuration or Setup

Works out-of-the-box with no initial configuration or command-line setup required. Drag and drop files or upload directly to your web server. Serve your app from a root domain, subdomain, or a subfolder as many levels deeps as you like. Alloy just works, no matter where you put it.

Platform Independent

Alloy works on any platform supported by PHP 5.3. Alloy gives you the freedom to run your app on Windows, Linux/*nix, or Mac - whichever you prefer.

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